Monday, July 19, 2021

Upcoming Shows and Recent Commissions, Summer-Fall 2021

Below are a couple recent commissions in progress that I'm working on this summer of 2021. They are for collectors who I'll be meeting at upcoming shows, including Gem City Con (July 24 only), NEO Comicon (August 1), Pulpfest (August 18-22), Erie Comicon (September 10-12), Monroe Pop Fest (September 18), Great Lakes Madison Heights (October 9), Three Rivers Comicon (October 16 and 17), and Akron Comicon (November 5-7), all in 2021 (more to be announced in between!).

I will also be sketching and drawing live at these shows, but time is limited and I'm usually filled up for requests fast. So, if you always wanted the Don Simpson (or Anton Drek) cartoon drawing of your dream, it's always a good idea to contact me ahead of time. See my commission price list page for ballpark pricing (every commission is different and negotiated individually by teams of trained union bargainers!) and contact info.

Hand-colored commission recreating the cover to Megaton Man #4 (Kitchen Sink Press, June 1985).

Re-creation of the epic Megaton Man #4 cover (Kitchen Sink Press, June 1985), inked version.

Re-creation of the epic Megaton Man #4 cover (Kitchen Sink Press, June 1985), This pencil version will be inked and colored by hand.

Pen and ink for a fan of the fine art of figure drawing!

Pin-up for Len Mihalovich's Section 12 comic.

Megaton Man™, Stella Starlight™, and all characters, character names, likenesses, words and pictures are ™ and © Don Simpson 2021, all rights reserved. Wendy Whitebread™ and © Anton Drek 2021, all rights reserved. Used by permission.

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