Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A Few Don Simpson Links (In Case You Are Curious)

Here are a few links to get you started:

Don Simpson Commissioned Art Price List
For one-of-a-kind works of cartoon art, including a gallery of recent pieces I've created for fans, collectors, and connoisseurs!

A Pictopia to Call One's Own: Independent Worlds vs. Corporate Crossovers
Video of my pseudo-scholarly presentation on team-ups and my own work such as Megaton Man and just-completed War of the Independents #4, featuring Bone, Cerebus, Flaming Carrot, Zippy the Pinhead, and a host of other indy characters, along with The Tick and Megaton Man in a cameo.

How Megaton Man Has Evolved In Thirty Years and Why I'm Still Drawing It/Him
Some notes on the Megaton Man meta-narrative and my work-in-progress graphic novel planned for 2016-2017.

Whatever Happened to Megaton Man #11, or, The Limits of Creator-Owned Comics
Some of the obstacles to the development of the Megaton Man narrative that I've had to struggle to overcome over the years, along with some hindsight insights.

The Clarissa Project: The Secret Development of Ms. Megaton Man!
The origins and thirty-year history of the break-out character featured in the new storyline.

Atomic Aftermath I: The Serial Continues...
Previews of the new graphic novel continuity.

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