Thursday, October 9, 2014

Megaton Melaga: Will Our Hero Be Well-Hung?

Some photos of Patrick Daugherty and I sorting through our options for the upcoming exhibit Megaton Man: Rebirth@Half-Life, opening Saturday, October 11, 2014, at the Frank L. Melega Art Museum in historic Brownsville, PA. The opening is from 1 to 5 pm, and mom is making cookies! I will be chatting and sketching, and there is a limited edition print that will be offered for sale. I will also be previewing the upcoming Megaton Man graphic novel and other works in progress.

The show will feature sketches and penciled and inked pages along with examples of coloring, as well as figure studies from 30 years of cartooning. These photos show the art being spread out and organized before final hanging. I will post some shots of the final installation in the days to come. Or better yet, visit the opening or the show (on view until December 14) yourself! Hope to see you there.

Museum director Patrick Daugherty arranges art before hanging.

A showcase features originals from my collection, including pages by Maries Severin and Wally Wood, John Romita and/or  Joe Sinnott and John Veerporten, and Jack Kirby.

A whole wall will be dedicated to the art I created at rehearsals of Point Park's 2012 production of M33.

Bizarro Batman and my Jim Shooter Comics Journal cover will be featured.

An original art page by John Romita and John Veerpoorten from Fantastic Four #103 (1971), heads from which appear in How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way by Stan Lee and John Romita (1978).

The company of M33 in rehearsal and from memory.

Heidi Friese in M33 and Megaton Man from 2000.

Carly Otte and Grant Haralson in rehearsal from M33.

Pencil stubs and other realia from the bottom of my drawer to dress the showcase.

That is really not going to go there at all. I am just posing with a framed picture in my hand, pretending that I am doing something. A hands-on guy!

M33 materials waiting to be framed.

Art from my personal collection.

Art from War of the Independents #4 (forthcoming), including the pencil and ink version of the back cover.

Art from Border Worlds, Kid Noir, and King Kong.

Maurissa Auer, a beautiful dancer from M33.

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