Monday, October 6, 2014

Adventures of Nick and Megs: Two Recent Commissions!

Here are a couple recent commissions I did for fans at Lawn Con 5 in Youngstown, Ohio on October 5, 2014. The first I did in advance of the show for Bill Lait, the second I drew on site for Mark Sweetwood. The first is a parody of Neal Adams' "Kryptonite Nevermore!" cover for Superman #233 (January 1971); the second is my interpretation of Nick Fury in his black rubber latex suit. I was a bit worried that doing all that Neal Adams feathering would affect my work for the next sixth months, but the cool outdoor temperatures of a rust-belt Indian Summer had me reverting to a rather straightforward Kirby-Romiat roundhouse style in no time! Great fun and good times.

Pen and India Ink, watercolor and colored pencil on Strathmore 400 Drawing, 11" x 14". Collection of Bill Lait.

Pen and India Ink on Strathmore 400 Drawing, 11" x 14". Collection of Mark M. Sweetwood.

I've been very lucky to have received numerous commissions and freelance assignments in 2014, and I am humbled and grateful for every one! If you would like to own an original piece of my art and would like me to draw something for you, please look over my commission price list and contact me with your request! Thanks -- Don Simpson.

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