Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Deviant Don: Creaturely Commissions from the Empowering Eighties!

Here are a couple of convention sketch commissions I created in 1989-1990 for cartooning connoisseur and former longtime Comics Buyer's Guide columnist Kim Metzger, who has a passion for what he calls "transformations" (a term I was unfamiliar with) - in this case, female media personalities turned into hybrid animal creatures. This is definitely a very minor part of my oeuvre - I can't recall more than a few other "furry" type commissions at shows over the years, among hundreds of PG con sketches of my own characters (Megaton Man, Border Worlds, Bizarre Heroes) and other mainstream superheroes.

Mr. Metzger's sometimes requests became legendary at conventions like the old Chicago Comicon and Mid-Ohio Con, and many artists felt uncomfortable and even refused them; but I'm glad to see at least the best of his collection curated on a very nice Kim Metzger Deviant Art Page.

Former Miss America Diane Sawyer as a lizard, colored by another artist (I think they may have added the tongue and sound effect, too, since it does not appear to be my work) for collector Kim Metzger.

Material Girl Madonna Ciccone as a feline (gripping her tail suggestively), for Kim Metzger.
For collectors and would-be collectors of original Don Simpson art wishing to see just how far I will go, you may get some idea by visiting the Anton Drek DeviantArt Gallery for slightly censored sexually explicit content, and more directly, the Anton Drek Blog - WARNING! SERIOUSLY MATURE ADULT XXX SEXUALLY EXPLICIT CONTENT - (although honestly, I don't know why people always confuse my work with that guy; there isn't any similarity between our respective styles at all that I can see!).

Please refer to my Commission Price List, and please remember: requests beyond garden-variety PG are never embarrassing, but you'll pay through the nose, and I reserve the right to turn down any request for any reason whatsoever.

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