Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Drawing Blanks: Variant Covers, That Is

Here are three recent drawings created on blank variant covers (a phenomenon I am only barely acquainted with, but apparently dates back to DC's Wasteland #6, which is the only issue of the series I don't appear in). Depending on the paper stock, I used India ink, either with a sable brush or crowquill pen, and Dr. Martin's dyes. Each of these paper stocks offered a different quality surface, better or worse for pencil/inking/coloring, and therefore a unique challenge -- but it's a poor craftsman who blames his materials! Enjoy.

Crowquill and ink with Dr. Martin's dyes.

Sable brush and India ink with Dr. Martin's dyes. This is the first time I've drawn this character.

Sable brush and India ink with Dr. Martin's dyes. The composition is a riff on Jack Kirby's iconic cover for Captain America #106 (October 1968), except that I have Cap in shredded army fatigues, as if he was just revived in Avengers # 4 (March 1964).
Don Simpson does not discriminate on the basis of universes, companies, or eras of comic book fandom. Don Simpson is an equal opportunity cartoonist.

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