Monday, June 9, 2014

A Couple of Recent Commissions

Here are a couple recent commissions I completed for fans and collectors. I will post more here as time allows. (Please see my commission price list posted on this blog if you would like to own an original, custom made piece of Don Simpson art!)

Here is a recent commission, 11" x 14", pen and ink and Dr. Martin's dyes and watercolor on Strathmore 400 Drawing (a very slightly creme colored paper that is somewhat thinner than Bristol). In this case the request was for a nude Wonder Woman, but there are limits to how far I will go with commissions involving my own "PG" characters, and especially characters that I do not own (please see my commission price list posted on this blog). I think the final result is funny and hopefully tasteful.

This is the inked version, before coloring. Generally, I will send a jpeg of the commission at this stage to the client for approval.

Here is the initial light blue Col-Erase pencil and graphite pencil version. Again, I send a jpeg for approval at this stage.

Every commission is different. This one is for Steve Hager's Dutchy Digest, a self-published comic set in rural eastern Pennsylvania, featuring two of the recurring characters. Steve plans to use this piece as a "pin-up" in a future issue. Artwork for publication, strictly speaking, goes beyond a traditional "commission," and is negotiable. (I should have charged Steve much more, come to think of it!!)

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